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Dealbuddy is a danish website designed as a tool for every person in Denmark to find and post the best deals in the country everyday! Everybody can also vote up or down each deals and comment them when they have questions to ask to the creator of the deals.

To post deals or coupons or giveaways, simply click on the top right hand corner “Submit…” and click on what you want to post : “Deal” ; “Coupon” ; “Giveaway” then, follow the submit form.

The deal will then have to be checked by a moderator who will make sure everything listed in form is correct and in accordance with our policy of submission.


If you ever encounter a technical difficulty please write us an email at : support@dealbuddy.dk

For commercial inquiries please write us an email at : conatct@dealbuddy.dk

Submission Policy

– A submission must not contain anything related to something illegal. This means anything related to drugs, pornography, weapons etc…

– A submission must not be published by a company for self promotion

– A submission must not contain a link to a potentially dangerous website

– A submission must not contain an affiliate link

– A submission cannot be the copy of another post from dealbuddy.dk

If the offer you are trying to submit does not fulfill all those criterias, moderators will have the right to deny your submission and it will not be submitted.

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Dealbuddy is a website created in 2022 by Matt Winther in order to build a shopping community and give the best tools to each of its members to find the best deals, coupons and giveaways in Denmark every day.


Email : contact@dealbuddy.dk
Tlf nummer: +45 93 93 37 66
Porcelænshaven 26, 2000, Frederiksberg
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